Friday, March 25, 2011

Mac Attack #17: Fruits & Spices

I'm obsessed with baking macarons., even though I have not posted my recipe yet, but I will do that within the next week.
Recently I discovered Mac Attack, of course I had to become a member, and the first challenge was: fruits and spices, so I made a brain storming. I had no idea which flavours I should use. I don't know much about spices or how to pair them.
Of course, everyone know the combination of apple and cinnamon, but that was just too boring, so is anything with vanilla. I was thinking about an avocado cream. Also, I don't wanted to use ginger with something like orange or lemon, I just wanted something more special... I wanted to use sesame / tahina but I really didn't know what to pair with.

I ended up choosing pineapple and curry. Probably not that special, too.

I didn't have much time to think about how to do the filling, and as I had made some mascarpone before, I thought I'm going to use that.

As often, it was quite a challenge to get the shells the "curry" color that I wanted it to have (I use gel food coloring), but it worked out.
I made a macaron batch with just one egg white (as always).
For the shells, I added one tsp of curry to the confectioner's sugar. After piping them onto the parchment paper, I sprinkled some curry over them.
For the filling, I used a weird mix of mascarpone, pineapple, molten white chocolate und curry.
I didn't really used any measurements. I pureed the pineapple and mixed it with the mascarpone cheese and added some curry. As it got a bit too runny, probably because of the pineapple's juice, I melted some white chocolate and mixed that in, too.
I topped the filling with a small, thin slice of pineapples.
I just ate one so far, and I must admit, it tastes quite unusual. Maybe because of the filling ingredients, maybe because I mostly don't like the combination of pineapple with something not sweet as the cheese and curry.

I shouldn't have put in the pineapple slice, it was definitely too wet. It got quite soaky on the inside of the upper shell. It still tastes the same, but they are more difficult to handle.

I really don't know if I would recommend this filling idea, but if you like Pizza Hawaii and all that stuff (paired with the sweet macaron shells! ...) you can try it :-)
Link to the challenge: Here.


  1. Your macarons look amazing, the colour is lovely. I would never have thought of that combination! Cant wait to see more of your macarons!

  2. I am so jealous of your macaron making skills! I have tried twice and mine didn't turn out! You've inspired me to try again! :)

  3. What sweet little macarons. beautiful smooth shells. Just lovely.

  4. I'm a newbie at Mactweets too so great to meet you:) Your macarons look beautiful.

  5. Really beautiful macarons! And the flavor combination is indeed unique and creative! I am thrilled you joined us at Mactweets and put so much thought into it! And created these stunning macs! I really hope you join us every month now. Welcome...

  6. You make the most gorgeous macarons! I've never made them before myself but you've inspired me.

  7. Lovely, just so lovely. It's a very inspired pairing Lea, and I love the colour hues your gorgeous macarons have taken on. Inspirational and exciting. Thank you for bringing these beauties to MacTweets! Lovely to have you on board!

  8. What an unusual flavour combination - very exotic. Can't really imagine how they taste! Gorgeous job.

  9. Now that's a fuit and spice combo for MacAttack! I'm partial to pineapple because I grew up around it. And I love curry, too. So your macs must taste exotically delicious!

  10. Splendid macarons! A unique flavor combination. So exotic!



  11. Hot damn, you really are good with the shells! The skirts are nicely shaped and the little dome bubbled nicely and are beautifully fat and round. I hadn't read about Mac Attack, I'll definately check it out.


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